“People often question why I travel so far, so often, to speak to small groups, for little or no money. When I look at a group of open, eager, BOLD people, I know why. It isn’t about the size of the crowd, it’s the potential of the audience. Money isn’t what I’m after – it’s change!”
– Robert Egger


Robert speaking at CNM’s 501(c)onference (June, 2014):

Robert on founding L.A. Kitchen (March 2013):

Robert speaking at Illinois Nonprofit Conference (October 2012):

Robert’s keynote at the Purpose Prize Summit (October 2009):

More Videos

Robert’s talk at the (X)po 2012: Social Enterprise and Politics (October, 2012)

Robert participating in the “Game Changers: Food Leaders Finding New Paths” panel at the Aspen Ideas Festival (July 2011)

A clip of Robert’s keynote speech on transparency at the Charity Review Council’s Annual Forum (June 2011)

Robert speaking at the Westchester Leadership Summit (May 2011)

Robert’s speech at the 2011 Annual Conference of the Community Action Association of Pennsylvania (April 2011)