Welcome Aboard, Theresa

When you start a journey, you never know whom you’ll meet along the way.

Years ago, when I launched the D.C. Central Kitchen, we began hiring graduates of the job training program to cook with us. Our first was Gertrude. Then came 5th Street Shorty…and by the time I left last year, we had over 100 men and women in our employ, and most of them were graduates. Miss Dott, Jerald, Phil, William…the list goes on and on. Some remain, some passed along the way, some relapsed, but they all helped build DCCK into what it is, and remains…a badass machine of love, butter and opportunity.

Well, I just hired our first graduate here at the L.A. Kitchen.

TheresaPlease meet Theresa…a proud member of Class #1, which graduated over the weekend. She will be coming on board to help prepare meals for one of our first senior-meal contracts, as well as acting as a guide for the next class of student chefs, and the next, and the next…

That’s a big part of what we do. Theresa, and all who will follow her, aren’t employees as much as they are beacons of perseverance, determination and strength. Even as I explained the job, and THE JOB, to her…I don’t think she could even begin to imagine the role she will soon play in so many other people’s lives, as we build our new home.

The journey can be long and arduous, but it’s amazing how far you can go when you have a companion.  Welcome aboard, Theresa.

And CONGRATS to all of Class #1.

Class 1