TEDxUVM / A ROI for Supporting Community

On a previous blog, I reported on a trip up to Burlington, VT (one of my favorite towns). It’s been the birthspot of numerous GREAT American ideas, the least of which was the vision for Land Grant Colleges, which opened up the door to higher educations for the sons and daughters of farmers. I think it’s one of America’s most impressive accomplishments—and we all owe a debt of gratitude to VT Senator Justin Morrill for making it happen.

That’s why I was honored to be asked to kick-off a TED talk event at UVM, held in an ornate building adjacent to Morrill Hall.

Normally, TED talks last between 10-15 minutes. Mine clocked in at 3:40…and if I maybe so bold, I think it’s an ass-kicker of an idea. What do you think?