TEDx Venice Beach, Surfing the Silver Tsunami

11021326_10152569944176058_3979613684328546407_oA few weeks back, I agreed to do a TEDx talk. Now, to be honest, I think the whole TEDx thing is somewhat of a saturated market, but this one was for Venice Beach, and how could I say no to that?!? Seriously…as a person raised in Southern California, few zip codes generate as much excitement and history for me at 90291-DogTown, USA – and besides that, few spots allow you to fly your freak flag quite as high and proud, so I put mine OUT for TEDx Venice Beach

Anyway…thanks to some preliminary talks with groups I like, particularly StartingBloc, I got my pitch down tight, and here’s the results. Part profane, part poetic…and all me, this talk details the road I’ve traveled, and why I’ve returned to LA to open the L.A. Kitchen. Enjoy….and feel free to share if you dig it.