Talking Truth with Tavis

For the first month I was out here, I was laying low in L.A.

NOT being idle, mind you…just waiting for the right (and respectful) time to reveal the role we intend on playing; both in the city, and in the larger, global debate about poverty, aging, hunger and change.

In the past week, I started stepping out, first at Homeboy Industries, where I spoke about the ways the L.A. Kitchen will use food to empower, uplift and enage…and then with Tavis Smiley, a man I met a few years back when he and Dr. Cornell West came to the DC Central Kitchen to talk about new ways to tackle old problems.

I love it when you have a full 1/2 hour to dig into issues, and my conversation with Tavis was personal, passionate and centered around persuasion…how do you get good people to become brave people.

Bravery is at the core of my work, and an almost daily experiment for me. Whether its the personal bravery of letting go, starting anew and working hard to be the kind of man I dreamed I’d be when I was young…or whether its instilling bravery in the individuals who come to the businesses I lead, looking for renewal, redemption or respect…or whether its the essential civic courage it will take to get past injustice, avarice or the seduction of self-interest…I want to be, or help others to be, brave enough to keep looking for the next door to open, walk through and then prop open for those who follow.

I’m no pro…more a sojourner with intent, and here’s my latest message from the journey, via the Tavis Smiley Show.

And if YOU want to join us, be brave, and help others discover their courage, then join the L.A. Kitchen team and we’ll reach you when we got rolling in earnest.