Saying What You Think, Pt II

Wow…seems I touched a hot nerve with that last post. Thanks for all the calls and notes. I never knew SO many folks out there were SO similarly vexed by their inability to speak truth to power.

Let’s follow this up.

How many of you noticed that, right after Gov. Blogojevich got popped, it seemed like everyone in Illinois was lining up to say they all knew he was doing this kind of thing, and how they are SO offended by it. Interesting how brave folks got when the heavy lifting was done.

It was like that when our local United Way crashed a few years back. Again…as soon as it hit the papers, and it became safe to kvetch, folks lined up to talk about how bad it was and to kick it. Few had any suggestions about how to make it right…they just dug the kicking party that was going on.

Same with the Smithsonian, the Red Cross and all the other organizations or chapters or small ships that got blown off course…seems everyone has an opinion when it’s safe to have an opinion.

Long blog post short…don’t wait. Every scandal hurts us ALL. Every day of mediocrity holds us ALL back. Don’t be rude. Don’t be cruel. But don’t be silent when you see something that ain’t right.

But I have one of those African proverbs on my wall that I look at—every time I want to pitch a fit.

It says…”He who upsets a thing should know how to rearrange it”

In other words—if all you got are harsh words, then keep em to yourself. If you’ve got an alternate vision, then bring in on.

And if you do, then please bring it to me…I seriously dig alternative visions.