Pointing the Way at the Presidio

I was in San Francisco to witness the annual running of the rock stars of love, known to many as The Purpose Prize–and extravaganza of excellence, impact and importance, which highlights the achievements of people over 60 who are terrorizing normal. It is put on by Encore Careers, a hardcore bunch–true mercenaries of meaning, who are led by one of my favorite people EVER, Marc Freedman—a dear man, whose heart contains immeasurable love, and whose brain is the Ft Knox of the Future (don’t let the soft guy routine fool you–dude’s the Hulk Hogan of Hope) .

While I wasn’t there to promote the L.A. Kitchen (I had the Jerry Lee Lewis role as closing speaker), me n’ my right arm / partner in crime Kristen Irving (who worked at the CAA Foundation and Participant Media before twisting my arm to come back west) did Fat Tuesday business with food friends from the NFDC, reps for Central Valley fruit and produce growers, 4th Estate luminaries, foundation hunga-mungas and just regular ol- fine folks.

Side Bar: A personal highlight. I was asked to introduce David Lindley, a musical gift from GOD, who has performed with Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Dolly Parton, Rod Stewart, Jackson Brown (it was his falsetto you heard on “Stay”)…and, greatest of all (in my book)…the “werewolf angel” Warren Zevon. He performed that night, and next to meeting Dave Edmunds years ago, THIS stood out in my litany of rock n’ roll brushes with fame.

But I also took time to roll cross the Gate, to hook up with my friend Greg Werkheiser, who (along with Sarah Locker) is out front of the Fort Scott Project. CHECK his gig OUT….and keep your eyes on this prize.