On Leadership & Change


In the last few weeks, I’ve had quite a few opportunities to speak about my own experiments in leadership, as well as the lack of leadership that plagues the nonprofit sector.

By far, my favorite is an interview I did for Idealist – The nonprofit leadership crisis we’re not talking about: Interview with Robert Egger. It’s got pretty good play out in nonprofitland, and it’s loaded with patented lines, including this bon mot, aimed at some of the “leaders” who talk endlessly from the safety of the pier, when the action is on the boat.

At the very moment the sector needs dynamism, innovation, bravery…the leaders of these organizations, the leaders of our movements—whether it’s the academic, foundation leaders, or association presidents—none seem equipped or prepared (intellectually or economically) for the type of leadership not only our sector needs, but our society needs.”

I also did a short interview for a great Boise based bub, for his ChangeMaker, where I spoke about social enterprise and the “buycott”.

“I do big-ass, bold business, and I do this via our social enterprise businesses. But the goal isn’t to sell a billion products; it’s to promote the power of consumers to use market forces to drive social change. If I just sold my products, or talked about my business, then I’d be a salesperson (no disrespect). But I’m a social entrepreneur. I expose the potential of Capitalism 2.0, and I use my work to sell THAT idea”

Finally….I’ve been speaking all over L.A., but this recent gig for the 501(C)onference, “Is your nonprofit ready for a new L.A.?” really let me riff and roll on the future. I hope you enjoy it.