Leaders of Tomorrow, Today

Consider this a mini-blog, as I’m rolling hard today…meeting with folks about a non-profit congress, talking on NPR out in San Francisco and going to see the John Water Xmas show tonight at the 9:30 Club…but I’ve just got to give a shout out to the subject of developing leaders.

For the three of you that read these things, you know how much I admire the young leaders of the Campus Kitchens programs around this country. EACH of them is totally bad ass, and they are the most creative bunch of future leaders you’ll ever meet. I encourage you to log onto their website on a regular basis, to see what new crazy, innovative stunts they’ve concocted to engage students..it’s at www.campuskitchens.org. While I’m at it, you should do the same for the Congressional Hunger Center…another seriously motivated organization, ably led by the outragoeusly handsome Ed Cooney. They are at www.hungercenter.org

BUT the point of this is…each non-profit has to be about developing new leaders, and insuring that they get a shot at guiding the organization. It’s not easy, and I deal with the ego side of letting things go everyday. It’s hard, to be sure, to allow others their time, their say in a program…to tell you that you’re full of it, or that they have ideas ALSO!!!!

Anyway…this is a shout out to the Campus Kitchens crew…you all raise so much–eyebrows, ideas, money…but you also raise the bar for leaders like me, as you should. It’s your world that’s coming, and you should be up to your eyeballs in how it works. Keep pushing me and others, through your work, and show that you have what it takes, to take the reins.


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