Launching The L.A. Kitchen

OK…so to recap.

I’ve left DC after 40 years of living everyday fast, hard and fun.

I said good-bye to the DC Central Kitchen…and 1/2 the city at what had to have been the most kick-ass farewell party ever. I mean really…who has members of Fugazi and The Cramps play in their party band…or gets a million dollar check to launch their new business??!


And with a send off like that, I didn’t waste NO time hitting the road (after I traded in my old boots for new).


I blazed a hot trail across America, visited some dear friends along the way, and after about 5 days, I rolled into LA just as the night lights came on.

But I didn’t roll in demure…I rolled in on a serious mission.

And the first thing I did…I climbed up on my roof to let people know I was here and that I was going to push ever envelope I could get my hands on.

I’m here to launch a bold new salvo in the fight against hunger, unemployment and waste, The L.A. Kitchen. We are going to terrorize routine, challenge every norm, so NO to status quo and do everything in our power to reengage, uplift, empower, strengthen and include…by using food.