Food for Thought


I’ve been on quite a roll of late. As much as I should write a follow-up to my 2004 book, Begging for Change, I can’t help but agree when folks call asking for a blog entry or op-ed. Long story short….I keep giving away my ideas.

Most recently, I agreed to help my super chum, Nell Edgington, who runs the Social Velocity blog. I adore Nell…when most “thought leaders” thought supporting nonprofit political advocacy would lead to their children being stolen in the night by a commando squad made up of agents from the IRS, NSA, CIA, and FBI,  led by Joe Biden in night goggles, Nell ponied up and made her site available for a robust discussion about the future.

SO, I gave her one of my favorite trains….Millenials and Boomers MUST Make Peace. I’ve been a real advocate for inter-generational work, but not just for the social benefits. The political and economic opportunities (if we can find common ground between our generations) is off-the-hook. Check it out…and if you’re an Xer, please know that I know how much you have done, and will continue to do. I heart you too!!!

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I also did a great interview for Seedstock about the L.A. Kitchen, which you can read here: New L.A. Nonprofit Empowers the Disadvantaged to Reduce Waste and Build a Local Food System.

And finally…the fine folks at FoodTank  think I’m a Food Hero. I know it’s tempting to roll your eyes at the cavalcade of credits I’ve been given, but it’s a real honor, and I work hard as a mofo…so I’m taking it to the bank.