Edible Westside, on the Eastside

edible-fall-2013-789x1024First of all, and I cannot say this enough–Los Angeles is GREAT…I mean truly, totally, off-the-hook amazing. The way this city has opened UP for the L.A. Kitchen has been nothing short of phenomenal….and we want to do the same thing right back at them.

While securing the building we will soon call home has taken longer than we had hoped, we are now getting ready to unveil its location and start construction. But we are building more than just a kitchen. We’re building a magnet of love, empowerment, butter and hope!!

We want to pull L.A. together and be part of revealing how rich, cool, generous, powerful and right ON this city can be…if we work together.

But the people I’ve met here are so ready. Case in point…the magazine Edible Westside.

It’s bad to begin with, but when they heard about the L.A. Kitchen, they broke their mold and reported on our work, even though we’ll be located on the Eastside. And as you will read in this recent article “L.A.’s Kitchen“….they make no bones about how optimistic they are about our vision.

I am too.