Don’t Fence Me In!!

For those who follow my writing and road trips, I really dig Texas….particularly the music.

Growing up in the 60’s, I came of age well aware of the power of music–to excite, ignite and make wrong right. But all that being said, I also just really enjoy a really good riff. One of those riffs came from the Sir Douglas Quintet and their song, “She’s About a Mover“.

So it was with a dual purpose that I rolled back into San Antonio this week. I came to speak with nonprofit colleagues about our shared future, but I also came to pay my respects to Doug Sahm, the man behind so many songs and bands that I enjoy (including the Texas Tornadoes, which featured another amazing TX talent, MR Freddie Fender)

Big thanks to Beth Meyer, who writes the Sector3Report for driving me out to Sunset Memorial Cemetery, as well as for her swell camera work. Check out her website sometime.

And learn from Doug. We can no longer just be charities. Our work cannot be limited to one specific cause, one colored ribbon, one annual event. We have to merge/mash-UP our ideas, our social and economic impact, our banking business, our voices and our votes

Then we’ll rock, Texas style.