Does Posting Pictures of Food Send the Wrong Message?

breakfast-weight-loss-blog480I have this growing concern about one aspect of the food movement in America.

In so many respects, the dialogue about healthy food, access to food and food waste has been a joy to be part of, and I think our shared work elevating these issues has been a game-changer in most American cities.

But one aspect has gotten a little out of control.

In today’s Los Angeles Times there’s an article titled “Sharing your food photos? Make that dish look as good as it tastes“, complete with a set of instructions of how to make your chums drool over pictures of the meal you just ate.

I get the whole phenomenon of food pics…I do…and hey, I dig food too…it’s a miracle and a joy…but posting pictures of your food is (kinda) like a kid who rides a new bike through a poor neighborhood yelling “HEY, everyone…look at my new bike!!!” He or she is just happy and innocently wants to share that joy…but imagine what the poor kid thinks?

I’m totally not trying to make you feel bad about posting pictures of your birthday dinner or your healthy breakfast or the food you grew, but there are over 900 million people in the world who are hungry (including over 40 million in the US). When we who have the good fortune to be able to afford a meal post pictures of our food, we send a message (however unintentionally) that we are like that kid on the new bike.

All I’m saying–enjoy your meal…really…every bite…but be humble about your good fortune…and then, in any small or big way, try to help insure that another person gets to share in the glory of a good meal.

And if I could offer any advice, when you post pictures of food, use the hastag #GRATITUDE. It’s amazing how much one word can say.