Demanding Transparency in Minnesota

I was just out in Minneapolis, speaking at the Charity Review Council’s annual gathering on the topic of transparency and the “Age of the Super Donor”. During the speech, I pointed to the DC Central Kitchen’s new Volunteer Bill of Rights and used the words of Hubert Humphrey, Morris Day and Paul Westerberg, the three “Titans of Truth” of the Twin Cities, as I challenged attendees to consider being the kinds of leaders who march out to meet the future…rather than those who keep their heads lowered, or who wait for the future to come to them. Little did I know that my friend David Wheeler was capturing some of my thoughts, which I post here, along with said quotes, here for your consideration.

“Caring for the unfortunate is not socialism” H. Humphrey

“They teach you to fix what needs to be broke” P. Westerberg


While I got you, I ask that you check out two other exemplary groups out there….the Young Nonprofit Professionls of the Twin Cities and the Campus Kitchen Project at Augsburg College. BOTH are demonstrating powerful uses of existing resources…the least of which is courage.

And it’ll take courage in the weeks ahead. Minnesota is at the edge of a big ass cliff these days, with a budget battle and a state shutdown coming that MUST be watched. Last years shutdown in Pennsylvania demonstrated how hard nonprofits can be HIT when the state shuts down, but the services must go on. Reserved get depleated. Lines of credit get stretched. Lay offs must be considered. Tune into the much respected Minnesota Council of Nonprofits for ongoing details.