Dace West, Denver’s Nonprofit Liaison

People say to me…..”Dude, you are ALWAYS on the road!”

And I say, “No, Baby…I’m always on a mission, and the mission takes me to the road.”

This week, the mission took me back to Colorado, Denver to be specific, where I saw countless colleagues from previous visits, or from other cities, but who now call the Mile High City, or that great state, home.

I spoke at the Colorado Nonprofit Associations Fall Conference. The room was packed with over 500 people who came in search of best practices, new ideas and….from me….a sense of what comes next—what we can do, together, to shift the system.

Well, I pointed to a friend in the audience who is already doing some of the early work to rethink the equation and redraw the lines that demarcate the .com world from the .org world.

Her name is Dace West, and she is the leader of the Denver Office of Strategic Partnerships….which was founded by then Mayor Hickenlooper to create a more dynamic, robust and (dare I say) profitable environment in Denver.

Dace and her team are pioneers. She’d be the first to admit that they learned a lot along the way, and that they have a long way to go….but what a trail of ideas they are leaving. FOLLOW her….