Coming Soon–A Social Investment Bank

File this under “WHY NOT HERE?”

Just a short, but passionate shout-out to point you towards the UK, and the revolutionary work being conducted the government there to open a Social Investment Bank which would support Social Enterprise and NGOs like YOU and ME, only over there. More to the point, they see a strong third sector as key to their overall ability to rebuild the economy. WOW.

What they just launched is an open source process to get feedback on how such a bank would function. It’s going to be wild to watch…and I’ll bend over twice to keep you informed.

But what is amazing is the VISION. Read this, its quote from their press release…and remember….this is from a GOVERNMENT MINISTRY

“A strong and growing third sector needs a resilient and sustainable source of finance. Earlier this year, we announced a £42.5m economic action plan to support the third sector through the downturn. But we also understand the importance of investing in the long-term future of the sector.

“This consultation represents an important opportunity to explore the concept of a Social Investment Wholesale Bank, and the role it could play in developing and adding value to the social investment market in a sustainable way. Such an institution could help deliver the Government’s commitment to supporting fair markets and to building the financial sustainability in the third sector that will allow it to grow and thrive.”

NOW go to their website and dig on what could happen here if we nonprofits got our act together and worked for it, together—in earnest.

And working in earnest is what the V3 Campaign is about…WORD