Cesar’s Son and the Power of One

995881_10151412847781058_1294519279_nAs I continue to explore Los Angeles and Southern California to meet seasoned pros, learn about progressive new programs and develop new partnerships, I am constantly amazed by the good fortune I have. Case in point…as you can see from my last few blog posts, I have a deeply personal connection to 1968 and the whole Kennedy-King-Chavez nexus. Ever since my return to SoCal, I have been exploring those old roots, not out of nostalgia mind you, but to re-energize my brain as I prepare for the next phase of my journey and career. That’s why I rolled out to Riverside on Saturday to see the unveiling of a new statue honoring Cesar Chavez. It was a beautiful morning for a drive out to the IE (Inland Empire). There was a hefty dose of fiery old leaders who were contemporaries of Cesar, as well as passionate up and comers, and all flocked to be up close when the statue was unveiled. The ceremony was a joyful, boisterous, music filled affair that was made even more poignant by the presence and words of Paul Chavez, Cesar’s son, and the President of the Chavez Foundation.  We had a chance to connect after the ceremony, and I was really moved to hear him recall his father’s words “The boycott was never about grapes or lettuce…it was always about people.” He drove and worked side by side with his father for years, so it was a real honor to meet him (and get a picture).

I was also happy to get home to a message from a great colleague and fellow author, Larry Robertson , whose book, “A Deliberate Pause” is not only one of my favorite books about nonprofits, it’s one of the few volumes that truly captures the intent of my experiments. Larry SO gets it, and I urge you to visit his website and order his book. He also posted some old interviews we did in my mop closet offices at DCCK, where my walls were festooned with pictures of historic ass-kickers. I was on a role that day, so here a few of the videos I particularly dig.

The Value of What If

The Value of One

What is a Social Entrepreneur

Keep rocking life. I sure am.