Boomers, Food and Innovation


I’ve been comparing notes with the folks at the Milken Institute, and they have once again opened their doors to me, this time giving me a fine platform, in their Currency of Ideas blog, to continue to explore ways in which food and aging could, should, and MUST drive innovation in the philanthropic arena.

I hope you dig it, and consider sharing it with others…or reaching out to share ideas. I am 100% open-source, so I’m always happy to trade in what for others might be trade secrets.

It’s titled Boomers, Food and Innovation. I hope you dig it.

And while I have you, here’s a video from when I spoke their just last year on the issue of food waste. I was on point, but ghastly pudgy at the time…thank God my new Cali lifestyle (and less meat in my diet) has helped me trim that shit d-o-w-n.